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Updated Promax Lean maintains its mix of protein and fat loss ingredients

maximuscle promax lean

Quickly following its relaunch of the lean gainer Cyclone, the UK’s legacy brand Maximuscle has released another revamped supplement with its weight loss infused Promax Lean. The newest version of the product is very much the same as the original featuring a combination of protein sources, B vitamins, and a handful of ingredients to help burn fat.

Starting with the nutrition side of Maximuscle’s latest edition of Promax Lean comes with 28g of protein per serve from whey isolate and calcium caseinate, 1.6g of carbohydrates with 1.2g of sugar, 600mg of fat, and a lean 126 calories. In the weight loss half of the supplement, you get 150mg of green tea, a rather light 400mg of carnitine, and an energy-boosting 80mg of caffeine.

Maximuscle has introduced its new Promax Lean in four different flavor options, each of which features a slightly different nutrition profile with zero artificial colors and flavors. The tastes making up the weight loss infused protein powder’s menu are a traditional Chocolate and Vanilla, a fruity Strawberry, and the classic English dessert, Banoffee.

To celebrate the relaunch of Promax Lean, Maximuscle has a similar kind of offer to what is still has available for its revamped Cyclone, where you can save big when buying two tubs. The brand’s website price on a single 28 serving tub of the product is £30 (36.97 USD), but if you grab two or more, that cost drops down to £25 (30.81 USD), all in your choice of any of the four flavors.