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Latest Lipo X fat burner from USN formulated to help burn fat without stimulants

usn lipo x night

USN has introduced quite a few all-new supplements this year for its original lineup available in South Africa, with one of its first releases for 2020 being its latest fat burner, Lipo X Gold. Three months on from the launch of that product, this week the brand is welcoming another Lipo X supplement, although this one is a bit different from Lipo X Gold.

USN’s newest South African product is Lipo X Night, which, as you could probably guess, is a weight loss formula designed to be taken later in the evening as opposed to morning or earlier in the day. Unlike the Gold version, Lipo X Night does not contain any stimulants, although it still comes with a strong selection of ingredients to help users burn fat.

usn lipo x night

Each serving of USN’s Lipo X Night packs half a gram of acetyl-l-carnitine, chromium, 200mg of gymnema, and BioPerine black pepper to enhance absorption of everything. The supplement also has two premium, branded weight loss ingredients by way of Paradoxine grains of paradise dosed at 40mg and GarCitrin garcinia cambogia included at 250mg.

USN wraps all of Lipo X Night’s features into a two capsule serving size with the usual 30 per bottle. Being stimulant-free, the product can be used alongside Lipo X Gold for more comprehensive fat burning support. Fans of the popular international brand can already purchase the nighttime spin-off directly from its South African website at R239 (12.54 USD).