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Weider releases a compact pre-workout shot for energy, focus and pumps

weider hzrd pre-workout shot

Following yesterday’s post about its new peanut and hazelnut sprinkled Yippie Nuts Protein Bar, we have details on another release from Weider for the beverage side of the industry. The second new product from the European brand for the month of April is HZRD, which is a compact pre-workout shot featuring a mix of commonly used ingredients.

Squeezed into each 60ml shot of Weider’s HZRD are niacin, vitamin B6, a gram each of taurine and acetyl-l-carnitine for focus, 2g of arginine, and 4g of citrulline malate for pumps. Being an on-the-go pre-workout, the supplement does also feature a good amount of caffeine at a reasonable 200mg for a nice increase in energy to go with those other benefits.

Weider has released HZRD in just the one flavor option to start with Citrus, which is already in stock on its official online store at €2.49 (2.70 USD) per shot or €29.40 (31.90 USD) for a pack of a dozen.

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