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XXL creates a pre-workout specifically for its female fans and followers

xxl nutrition booty booster

The European retailer XXL Nutrition has been keeping us quite busy with a flurry of new releases for its own line of products coming in over the past month or so. That string of launches continues today with details on another pre-workout from XXL called ‘Booty Booster’, formulated and marketed specifically towards its female fans and followers.

Like a lot of women’s pre-workouts on the market, XXL Nutrition’s Booty Booster features a few light dosages but a reasonably wide variety of ingredients. Each serving of the supplement packs 2g of beta-alanine to support performance, 1.5g of arginine AKG, 250mg of the up and coming stimulant EnXtra, and a moderate 200mg of caffeine for energy.

Taurine, betaine, and the pump enhancer citrulline are in the mix as well as at 1g each per serving, along with half a gram each of green tea and acetyl-l-carnitine, and 250mg of n-acetyl-tyrosine. As mentioned, XXL Nutrition’s pre-workout for women comes with a good variety of ingredients, although some of them are not as well-dosed as we’d like to see.

As per usual, the latest product from XXL Nutrition is available directly through its online store alongside the many other supplements it sells that are not all under the XXL brand. The price on the pink-colored, women’s pre-workout is €29.95 (32.43 USD) for a 30 serving tub with the one flavor to choose from in Ice Tea.