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Black Market’s DMHA AdreNOlyn is back but with a slightly different formula

adrenolyn underground

Last year Black Market brought back its original pre-workout name ‘AdreNOlyn’ with ‘AdreNOlyn DMHA Infused’. The supplement combined ingredients for energy, focus, and pumps, and of course, included the intense stimulant DMHA. The one catch with the product was the fact that it was limited edition and never promised to be around for long.

The underground supplement company has resurrected that originally limited time pre-workout under a slightly different name in ‘AdreNOlyn Underground’. The formula behind the product has also changed; most notably, it no longer features DMHA, although it has added a handful of stimulants to aim for an experience as intense as the original.

Much like its predecessor, Black Market’s returning, reformulated and renamed AdreNOlyn Underground aims to increase energy, enhance mental focus, and improve pumps and performance. The majority of its ingredients are for those first two effects in energy and focus; however, it does have a few features to support the pump and performance side.

adrenolyn underground

The fully transparent formula behind AdreNOlyn Underground can be seen in the image above, and still includes the likes of beta-alanine, choline, the same 300mg of caffeine, and 25% less alpha-GPC. As mentioned, DMHA is no longer in the mix as well as GlycerPump glycerol, with new additions to the supplement being dendrobium, eria jarensis, juniper berry, and naringenin.

AdreNOlyn Underground is now available for purchase directly from Black Market through its online store, and in the same two flavors as the original AdreNOlyn DMHA Infused. Those options are Grape Lime Rickey and Strawberry Lemonade, both packing the same 25 servings per tub, with Underground also getting a slightly lower price than its predecessor at $49.99.