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Limited Ameriberry and Yankee Doodle Candy Superhuman Supreme coming next week

alpha lion liberty juice ameriberry and yankee doodle candy

Last year, Alpha Lion launched two limited edition flavors of its more intense pre-workout Superhuman Supreme for 4th Of July. The brand actually renamed the product Freedom Juice for the flavors, although it still came with the regular Superhuman Supreme formula at the time. This week Alpha Lion has announced another pair of limited, partriotic Superhuman Supremes that are releasing exactly one week from today.

The two upcoming Superhuman Supreme options from Alpha Lion are the blue raspberry recipe Ameriberry, and a combination of watermelon and grape candy called Yankee Doodle Candy. Also, just like last year, the brand has renamed its pre-workout something different from Superhuman Supreme. This time around Alpha Lion is calling the supplement Liberty Juice, and put a Statue Of Liberty illustration on the front to match.

Once again, Alpha Lion is dropping both its Ameriberry and Yankee Doodle Candy Liberty Juice (Superhuman Supreme) products, next week on Friday through its online store at As mentioned, the flavors are limited edition and are not going to be around permanently, so be sure to jump on them as soon as they arrive if you’re interested.