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Alpha Lion’s newest Superhuman spin-off is formulated to support gut health

alpha lion superhuman gut

While Superhuman was originally only a pre-workout supplement, Alpha Lion has expanded the name into several other products that go beyond the popular category. There is the more advanced Superhuman Supreme, the weight loss infused pre-workout Superhuman Burn, the immune support formula Superhuman Armor, and now, Superhuman Gut.

Superhuman Gut is another health-focused spin-off of Alpha Lion’s original pre-workout, somewhat similar to Superhuman Armor, although Gut is of course, all about gut health. The brand has also actually decided to make Superhuman Gut with only premium, branded ingredients, combining together to support digestion, nutrient absorption, gut health, and your immune system.

alpha lion superhuman gut

There are five ingredients that make up Alpha Lion’s Superhuman Gut, starting with the more common features in the DigeZyme digestive enzyme blend at 100mg per serve, and LactoSpore probiotics also at 100mg. You then have 75mg each of PepZin GI zinc and AstraGin to improve absorption, then finally an all-new ingredient from Compound Solutions called CoreBiome.

Superhuman Gut is one of the first supplements in the industry to feature CoreBiome, which is a unique short-chain fatty acid that essentially helps maintain the health of your intestinal lining. Combined with all of the other ingredients packed into the product, Alpha Lion has indeed put together a comprehensive gut support supplement with CoreBiome setting it apart from the competition.

Alpha Lion is looking to launch Superhuman Gut in exactly ten days from now on Thursday the 21st of this month. You’ll be able to purchase it first through the brand’s online store in the usual tub size, packing a total of 30 servings.