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Latest ADLife Series supplement combines astragalus and mushroom extracts

anabolic designs adlife astragalus

The reputable brand Anabolic Designs, has added another item to its health and wellness-based family of supplements, the ADLife Series. While a lot of the time the brand’s new additions to the collection are fairly basic, that’s not the case with this one despite the fact its name is Astragalus, which makes it sound like astragalus is all there is to it.

Anabolic Designs ADLife Series Astragalus is formulated to help with kidney health and stress relief, as well as support and strengthen your immune system. The supplement does indeed feature astragalus by way of super astragalus extract at a reasonable dosage of 650mg per single-capsule serving, but as mentioned, that is not all that’s in this one.

Anabolic Designs has combined astragalus with a handful of other ingredients to further support its benefits, starting with ginger root at 5mg per capsule. Next is 10mg each of the organic mushroom extracts cordyceps and turkey tail, calcium, and to improve the absorption of everything, the brand has also thrown in 5mg of BioPerine black pepper.

As per usual, the best place to grab the latest supplement from Anabolic Designs is its own online store at Through there, you can pick up a 60 capsule bottle of the simply named Astragalus at $24.99, which will last you two full months when used as directed.