Dosage goes up 25% in Apollos Hegemony’s second laxogenin-based supplement

May 26th, 2020
apollos hegemony laxogenin phosphatidylcholine

The Polish company Apollos Hegemony already had a laxogenin supplement in its lineup, although it features more than just laxogenin with epicatechin and phosphatidylcholine in the mix as well. The busy and growing brand has now introduced another laxogenin-based product that is just like its first but with a couple of notable changes.

Apollos Hegemony’s newest laxogenin supplement still features its main muscle-building ingredient; however, it has increased the dosages by 25% going from 100mg per capsule to 125mg. The brand has also dropped epicatechin from the product entirely, and maintained its inclusion of phosphatidylcholine at the same amount of 50mg.

The goal of the Apollos Hegemony supplement is still to help build lean muscle and performance; the ingredients backing up that promise are now just slightly different. Fans of the brand in Europe can already purchase the laxogenin product from its retail partner Muscle Zone, and for cheaper than the original at 129 PLN (31.72 USD) a bottle.