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Believe infuses its EAA with additional ingredients for pumps and focus

believe supplements performance eaa

Believe Supplements’ long-waited amino formula Performance EAA has arrived after being previewed roughly three months ago at the beginning of February. With the launch of the product has come the full reveal of what’s actually in it, and despite its name suggesting its fairly straightforward, that is not quite the case this time around.

Believe Supplements Performance EAA is a somewhat complex amino competitor, featuring of course EAAs, to support recovery and repair. The product comes with a combined 6.35g of EAAs per serve, although it is worth noting the 6.35g is not made up of all nine EAAs. The brand has included all but one, with threonine being the EAA missing from the list.

believe supplements performance eaa

While the EAAs do make up a good amount of the new product from Believe Supplements, that’s not all that’s in it. The brand has also included an additional gram of tyrosine to enhance mental focus, 3g of citrulline malate to help with muscle pumps, and a blend of electrolytes to support hydration.

Performance EAA has hit the market with three flavors to choose from in Sour Peach, and the two candy-inspired recipes, Cyclone Pumpsicle and Sour Gummy Bears. The EAA-powered product is now available through the Believe Supplements website, although through there, it is quite expensive at $64.99 (46.24 USD) for a tub of 30 servings.