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Bowmar Butter is getting a new size option that’s more than three times bigger

bigger bowmar butter

Since the protein-infused Bowmar Butter hit the market, Bowmar Nutrition has been releasing flavor after flavor; in fact, just yesterday, it dropped its first-ever vegan-friendly version. The always creative company is now looking to add to the high protein nut butter in a very different way that doesn’t involve a new flavor or different sources of protein.

In a few weeks, Bowmar Nutrition is bringing better value to Bowmar Butter by introducing a significantly larger size that’s more than three times bigger than the original. The upcoming option will have a volume of 32oz, giving you an additional 22oz per jar, although unlike the current 10oz Bowmar Butter, it will only be available in select flavor options.

Bowmar Nutrition is planning to introduce its larger Bowmar Butter in the one Cookie Butter flavor to start, with a few more options to follow. We’re not too sure about the price of this one, but being that the 32oz is more than three times bigger, we have to imagine it’ll be a bit more cost-effective than the $9.99 of the 10oz.