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Recently released Chika Sport protein chocolate gets three new nutty flavors

bombbar chika sport nut flavors

Following on from this morning’s news of Bombbar’s chicken breast snack, we also have details on a handful of items from its tasty functional brand Chikalab. The update actually involves the spin-off line’s recently released sugar-free and protein-packed, block of chocolate named Chika Sport, which only just hit the market last week.

The news regarding Chikalab’s Chika Sport is that it now has several flavors to choose from, as opposed to just the one Milk Chocolate option. The Russian brand has truly spiced things up this week, giving fans three new varieties of the product, all of which feature the same Milk Chocolate flavor, but with different nuts scattered throughout.

The additions to the Chika Sport menu are Milk Chocolate with Peanuts, Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts, and Milk Chocolate with Almonds. The macros on each of them is, of course, different from the nut-free version, but still similar with 20 to 21g of protein, 9.6 to 10.4g of carbohydrates, 40 to 42.5g of fat, and 526 to 543 calories.

You can grab any of Bombbar’s three new nut-infused Chika Sport flavors starting this week through its Russian website for the same price as the original Milk Chocolate option. The blocks of high protein chocolate come in boxes of four and cost ₽640 (8.71 USD), which works out to be quite low at only ₽160 (2.18 USD) per block.