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Build Fast’s Neutralize is coming next week with a new name and slimmer serving

build fast formula drink hack

Neutralize is a smarter drinking supplement formulated to help you feel better after a night of potentially drinking too much, and it was introduced under the brand Advanced Dietary Formulas or ADF. Last year Build Fast Formula, known for its reputable pump product Vasoblitz, announced it would be moving Neutralize to its brand with a new look to match.

Next week that revamped, Build Fast Formula version of Neutralize is finally going to be available, although it turns out its branding isn’t all that’s changed. Firstly, you can see the updated look of Neutralize in the image above, where you’ll also notice the smarter drinking supplement is no longer named Neutralize, the brand has instead changed it to Drink Hack.

The one other key difference with Drink Hack compared to the original Neutralize is that Build Fast Formula has managed to drastically shrink down the serving size. While the original required users to take three capsules within an hour of your first drink and another three within an hour of your last; for the new version, it is just one capsule in each of those windows.

Despite the serving size being two thirds smaller, Build Fast Formula’s Drink Hack still promises all fo the same benefits and results as the original. As mentioned, the convenient supplement is going to be available next week, where the brand is also going to have a huge 2,000 samples to give away so those interested can try the product before investing in a full-size.

To gain access to that free sample opportunity for the new and improved Neutralize, you’ll need to sign up to Build Fast Formula’s A-List email, which you can do through its website, or join its text group by sending “BFF” to 484848.