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Powder version of Animal Flex gets its second-ever flavor in Cherry Berry

cherry berry animal flex

Three years ago, Animal did something we had seen it do to one other supplement, and that is give one of its classic pack style capsule products a powder alternative. The hardcore legacy brand first did it with its original multivitamin Animal Pak; then in July of 2017, we were introduced to a flavored version of the joint formula Animal Flex.

Since that transformation from pills to powder, Animal’s drinkable Animal Flex could only be found in the one flavor option with Orange, although that all changes this week. Now available directly through the brand’s online store, and coming soon to its usual retail partners, is a second taste for Animal Flex with the berry creation Cherry Berry.

Fans of Animal will actually be familiar with that flavor as it is already available for the powder version of the brand’s long-running Animal Pak. As mentioned, you can grab the new Cherry Berry Animal Flex starting this week over at for the brand’s regular price of $22.95 for a tub of 30 servings.

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