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Convict Stim is getting a limited edition Freedom Ice flavor for 4th Of July

condemned labz freedom ice convict stim

While we may be a little over six weeks out from 4th Of July, Condemned Labz has unveiled the limited product it plans on launching in celebration of the day. The special edition release is going to be an all-new flavor for its intense pre-workout Convict Stim formulated for a full combination of benefits, including increased energy, focus, pumps, and performance.

Condemned Labz has, of course, themed the upcoming flavor around 4th Of July with a patriotic Freedom Ice Convict Stim, featuring the Stars and Stripes in the background. The hardcore brand is promoting the product as an exclusive, suggesting it’ll only be available through its website, and as mentioned, it is a limited time launch, so fans will want to get in quick.