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Core shares full details on Core Vegan and still promises unbeatable taste

core nutritionals core vegan

While Core Nutritionals has a lot of releases planned for the year, not many of them are entirely new; however, Core Vegan is, and it promises to be an exciting one. Core Vegan will be the brand’s first-ever plant-based protein powder, but more interestingly, Core is confidently claiming it will be the best tasting vegan-friendly protein supplement on the market.

Core Vegan is now just over two weeks away from launching on Monday the 8th of June, and is expected to arrive with a handful of introductory deals involving discounts and freebies. To build some additional hype for the promising new product, Core Nutritionals has shared full details on Core Vegan, including a unique twist we’ve seen from a couple of other brands.

To start, Core Nutritionals is releasing Core Vegan in three different flavors with Chocolate Brownie Batter, Mixed Berry, and Maple Pancake Batter, each packing 29 servings per tub. Each serving of the supplement provides 21g of protein from pea and brown rice protein, with 3g of fat and 2g of carbohydrates, which should give it around 110 to 120 calories.

The one other detail worth highlighting for Core Vegan is that Core Nutritionals has added an extra gram of BCAAs to each serving, much like we recently saw Morphogen Nutrition do. The idea behind the added aminos is to bring up the BCAA total in Core Vegan to make it more like a whey protein, as typically, plant-based formulas are lower in naturally occurring BCAAs.