Morphogen reveals all for its unique BCAA-enhanced vegan protein powder

May 15th, 2020
morphogen nutrition vegagen

Morphogen Nutrition has gone ahead and completely unveiled and launched its plant-based protein powder Vegagen, that is unlike your common competitor in the growing vegan protein category. The always well-thought-out brand has enhanced its supplement with a specific combination of added BCAAs, to give Vegagen a complete amino acid profile more like premium whey protein.

The first-ever plant-based protein powder from Morphogen Nutrition comes with a transparent 18.8g of pea protein and 6.3g of brown rice protein to provide 20g of protein per serving. In addition to the protein sources, the brand has added a gram of vegan InstAminos BCAAs, which actually ends up giving Vegagen a higher combination of BCAAs per serving than Morphogen’s whey formula Protegen.

While we have seen other supplement companies add aminos to their vegan-friendly protein powders, very few have gone about it the way Morphogen Nutrition has. Specifically adding BCAAs to bring up the product’s total to around the same as a traditional whey protein, is a unique approach and just more proof as to why Morphogen is considered the premium and reputable brand that it is.

You can pick up Morphogen Nutrition’s Vegagen starting this week through its online store in the two previously confirmed flavor options with Almond Bliss and Snickerdoodle, both in the one 38 serving size. The supplement also comes with a price that’s quite competitive, working out to be a better value per serving than the likes of Ghost Vegan and Nutrex’s Plant Protein at $48 per tub.