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Classic Fruit Punch flavor joins the menu of Kaged’s post-workout Re-Kaged

fruit punch re-kaged

Re-Kaged is the post-workout partner to Kaged Muscle’s original pre-workout supplement Pre-Kaged, packed full of ingredients to support muscle recovery and repair. This week the brand from Kris Gethin has added to its Re-Kaged menu with another flavor, joining its previous two fruit-based tastes in Strawberry Lemonade and Orange Kream.

Making it three flavors for Kaged Muscle’s post-workout recovery supplement is one of the most traditional tastes in the industry with Fruit Punch. The classic creation comes in the product’s usual 20 serving tub size, with each serving packing a high 28g of protein from premium whey isolate alongside added BetaPower betaine and creatine HCl.

Like most brands do when they introduce another flavor or supplement, Kris Gethin’s Kaged Muscle is celebrating the arrival of its Fruit Punch Re-Kaged with a deal on its website. The offer doesn’t bring any discount but involves a freebie, where through until this Sunday the new flavor comes with a free tub of the energized amino, Amino Synergy + Caffeine.