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Glaxon Super Greens Review: Unmatched flavor that raises the bar

glaxon super greens review

When Glaxon first came onto the scene at the end of last year, its superfood supplement Super Greens was one of its most talked-about releases. The category already had a lot of great entries at that point; however, Super Greens was said to be on another level. This month we finally got our hands on Glaxon’s reputable superfood competitor, and it is very true what people have been saying.

Before we get into the flavor review of Super Greens, we’ll briefly go over what’s in it. Like most of Glaxon’s supplements, Super Greens features a complex formula, packed with more than your average competitor. It comes with fruits, greens, a blend of mushroom extracts, CherryPure tart cherry, and ashwagandha, all to support digestion, immune health, recovery, performance, and overall health.

glaxon super greens review


The one and only thing that puts you off with Glaxon’s Super Greens is its smell. This is the case with every great-tasting superfood product we’ve tried, but it is not a reflection of the actual taste, especially on this occasion. The best way to describe the flavor of Super Greens is a sweet fruit tea, and while that may be difficult to believe compared to what most superfood supplements taste like, it is indeed the case.

Both flavors of Glaxon’s Super Greens deliver on their names with Lemon Iced Tea and Orchard Ice Tea. The former packs a sweet and subtle lemon taste, with the latter having an even sweeter watermelon flavor that’s impossible not to enjoy. There is no offputting aftertaste or earthy flavor throughout, although at the end, you are left with a herb type taste, but it’s so smooth it makes it feel true to its name, like an ice tea.

glaxon super greens review


Of all the superfood supplements we’ve had, from the lighter-dosed formulas to the more complex products, none have come close to the level of flavor Glaxon delivers in Super Greens. The brand’s ability to make it taste more like aminos than your average superfood supplement is beyond what we could’ve imagined. It truly raises the bar for Super Greens’ growing and now, even more competitive category.

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