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Glaxon officially introduces its comprehensive health formula SuperGreens

glaxon supergreens

You can now officially purchase the well-rounded greens product SuperGreens, from the intriguing new supplement company Glaxon, who just hit the market last month. Like a lot of the brand’s products, SuperGreens features a wide variety of ingredients with a full-size serving weighing in at a heavy 14g.

Despite the name suggesting otherwise, Glaxon actually brings together more than just greens in SuperGreens. The up and coming brand has combined fruits, vegetables, adaptogenic herbs, and antioxidants for a fairly comprehensive once-a-day supplement for immune support, recovery, performance, and overall health.

glaxon supergreens

You can see the full combination of ingredients in Glaxon’s SuperGreens in its label above, with only its blends of greens, mushrooms, and berries not being fully transparent. The product includes highlights such as CherryPure tart cherry at half a gram, a 2g alkalizing greens blend, and 200mg of ashwagandha.

If you’d like to purchase Glaxon’s multi-purpose greens supplement, it is now in stock alongside a few other products on its website at A full tub of the daily SuperGreens will cost you $39.99 in the one Lemon Iced Tea flavor, with three week’s worth of servings per tub if you use a full scoop each day.