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Grape Punch coming soon to Tim Muriello’s original Spazmatic pre-workout

grape punch spazmatic

The always entertaining and equally informative Tim Muriello has a new flavor in this week for the first supplement he launched under his own brand, with the colorful pre-workout Spazmatic. The product comes with a well-rounded formula that intends to be both simple and reliable, with ingredients for energy, focus, and pumps, including highlights such as 6g of pure citrulline and 400mg of caffeine.

The flavor now available from Tim Muriello for his Spazmatic pre-workout is another fruity creation with Grape Punch. The product is obviously a grape-based flavor, making it perfect to stack with the January-released grape flavor of the brand’s pump pre-workout Jurassic Pump. Muriello’s new Grape Punch Spazmatic will be available soon on Amazon, where there is currently a sale on the product at $29.99 per tub.