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Kiss My Keto comes out with clean and keto-friendly bread in four varieties

kiss my keto keto bread

The keto-friendly functional and supplement brand Kiss My Keto already had a lot of keto snacks in its lineup with the likes of bars, baking mixes, gummies, and even keto ramen noodles. Keto Bread has now joined Kiss My Keto’s growing list of products, which is a low carbohydrate bread for fans and followers to create their own keto-friendly sandwiches.

Like the rest of the Kiss My Keto snack selection, the new Keto Bread features a clean set of ingredients and a nutrition profile to match. The product’s macros include fewer carbohydrates than traditional bread, with more fat and protein, staying true to the brand’s keto-friendly-theme. There are four varieties of the bread that do vary slightly in nutrition.

kiss my keto keto bread

The Kiss My Keto, Keto Bread, comes with 5 to 6g of protein per slice, between 3.5 to 4g of fat, zero sugar, just 5g of carbohydrates (zero net carbs) except for the Cinnamon Raisin at 7g (2g net carbs), and 60 to 70 calories. The other three flavors for the product outside of that Cinnamon Raisin are Grain and Seed, Dark Wheat, and Golden Wheat.

The main ingredients in Keto Bread are much the same across the four options, with the likes of baker’s yeast, oat fiber, eggs, and vital wheat gluten. You can purchase loaves of the product directly from Kiss My Keto’s online store at $9 for any of the flavors, and if you buy three or more within the next two and a half days, you can save some money.

If you decide to buy three loaves, use the coupon “ILOVEBREAD15” to get them at $7.65 each; four loaves use “ILOVEBREAD20” to drop to $7.20; and “ILOVEBREAD25” for five or more loaves to discount Keto Bread to $6.75.