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Vitamin C now available from Metabolic in unflavored powder as well as capsules

metabolic nutrition vitamin c capsules

Metabolic Nutrition’s previously previewed vitamin C powder supplements are all now available, in their large variety of sizes with 100g, 300g, and the hefty half a kilogram. There is also a couple of other vitamin C products that have actually dropped alongside the powders in bottles of 90 and 180 capsules, with each capsule packing 750mg of vitamin C to support immune health.

The prices on Metabolic Nutrition’s vitamin C supplements are quite cost-effective, as suspected, considering they all feature vitamin C and nothing else. Through the brand’s website, the 100g tub of powder is $9.99, the 300g is $19.99, and the 500g is the most cost-effective at $29.99, while the capsules are $10.99 for the 90 count, and $19.99 for the bottle of 180 capsules.