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Morphogen reveals what look to be the main ingredients in Adaptogen

morphogen nutrition adaptogen

Adaptogen is one of the many new supplements Morphogen Nutrition recently confirmed it’s planning to launch later this year as well as at least 15 new flavors for already available products. The growing brand also named Somagen, Maxigen, MorphoPump, and Carnigen, and what we believe to be Morphogen’s first-ever functional release with MorphoBar.

Continuing from that major announcement of what it has in store for the rest of 2020, Morphogen Nutrition has revealed the combination of ingredients it plans to put in Adaptogen, or at least it seems to have. In a post promoting the supplement, the brand has included a handful of hashtags that list off what we can only imagine are the main ingredients in Adaptogen.

The list of ingredients Morphogen Nutrition has shared for Adaptogen includes the mushrooms cordyceps, lion’s mane, and reishi, ginseng, holy basil, magnolia bark, ubiquinol, and the branded NeuroFactor. The formula aims to provide adrenal, health, and general wellness support as well as help with focus and cognition, making for yet another unique product from the premium brand.

One more relatively important detail Morphogen Nutrition has dropped in regards to Adaptogen is that it won’t be a capsule supplement. The multi-benefit formula is going to be available in powder form, and from what we can tell, one of, or potentially its only flavor, will be a chocolate-based option.