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Morphogen has 8 more products and over 15 new flavors planned for the rest of 2020

morphogen nutrition plans for rest of 2020

As we’ve mentioned before, Morphogen Nutrition is one of your more premium supplement companies that produce fairly complex, advanced, and effective products. So far this year, the team has put out three entirely new supplements with a specific pre-cardio formula, a dedicated kidney health product, and a BCAA-infused vegan-friendly protein powder.

While three entirely new supplements is impressive and we are almost through five months of the year, Morphogen Nutrition apparently has a lot more planned for 2020. The brand has dropped a bomb today and confirmed it has eight entirely new products and over 15 new flavors for already available supplements, coming between now and the end of the year.

To make the news even more interesting, Morphogen Nutrition has gone into detail and named a lot of the upcoming launches. On the new flavor side, the pre-workout’s Alphagen and Volugen are getting one to two each. Synthegen and Vegagen have two to three on the way, Adaptogen has two, and the protein powders Protegen and Macrogen are in for five and four, respectively.

Moving to the entirely new supplements, Morphogen Nutrition is set to introduce the pump product MorphoPump, Maxigen, Dermagen, Somagen, and Carnigen. There are also two supplements that at least sound relatively straightforward with Collagen and Emodin, and the first-ever edible item from Morphogen with MorphoBar, which we have to imagine is a protein bar.

Plain and simple, Morphogen Nutrition has a mountain of products plan for the remaining seven months of the year, and we can’t help but be excited to see how everything turns out.