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MuscleMeds combines test boosting and pre-workout in its new Nitrotest

musclemeds nitrotest

Nitrotest is the first new supplement from MuscleMeds in 2020, and first new release since its introduction of Keto Meal last year in September. The product is a pre-workout but with a hybrid twist, where it combines common pre-workout features with testosterone boosting ingredients similar to GAT’s Nitraflex and ProSupps’ Mr. Hyde Test Surge.

MuscleMeds’ latest supplement comes packed with ingredients to boost performance, enhance pumps, and increase energy and mental focus. As mentioned Nitrotest also aims to help boost testosterone, although it doesn’t have quite as many ingredients to deliver on that as it does for all of those more common pre-workout benefits.

musclemeds nitrotest

For pumps and performance, MuscleMeds Nitrotest includes a 6g blend of citrulline and arginine, half the typical 3.2g dose of beta-alanine at 1.6g, and 100mg of pine bark. For the energy and focus side of the product, you get 350mg of DMAE, 83mg of yohimbe providing 4.98mg (6%) yohimbine, and of course, caffeine at 350mg per single-scoop serving.

To help in the area of boosting testosterone, MuscleMeds has thrown in just a few ingredients more commonly seen in test boosters, with half a gram of fenugreek and 200mg of boron. The supplement which the brand says is “formulated for men only”, is going to be available through the MuscleMeds website tomorrow in Blue Raspberry and Watermelon flavors.