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Myoblox permanently moves Contra to full transparency with its 2.0 version

myoblox contra 2

Myoblox all-new version of its muscle building supplement Contra named ‘Contra 2.0’, has arrived today, with some welcomed changes to its formula. One of the biggest highlights of the product is that it’s switched to full transparency, just like the limited Contra Gain Train. That was not the case with the previous version, which featured two transparent ingredients, and its other four wrapped up in a non-transparent blend.

The other area that’s changed in Myoblox Contra 2.0 is in its formula, as while it does still promise the same strength and lean muscle gains as its predecessor, the ingredients are not the same. The sequel supplement comes with a total of five different compounds to support its anti-estrogen and muscle-building benefits, four of which fans will recognize from the original Contra.

myoblox contra 2

The familiar features Myoblox has put into the new Contra are a solid 600mg of KSM-66 ashwagandha, 10mg of piperine for absorption, and the previously non-transparent ingredients DIM and coumaroyldopamine at 300mg and 40mg respectively. The fifth and final feature in the muscle building product is brassaiopsis glomerulata (10:1), included at half a gram per serving to help out on the anti-estrogen side of things.

Myoblox is now stocking the all-new, slightly reformulated, and now fully transparent Contra 2.0 on its website at a price of $49.99 for a bottle of 28 full servings.