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Naughty Boy remains as busy as ever with the reveal of yet another new supplement

naughty boy wiseguy

While Naughty Boy is busy focusing on the launch of its first-ever and upcoming weight loss supplement, The Drip, that is in no way slowing things down behind the scenes. The UK-based lifestyle brand has announced it has another product coming soon that like The Drip, it is going to put Naughty Boy into a category it’s not currently in.

WiseGuy is the name of that other new supplement on the way from Naughty Boy, which is for the nootropic space. Like most competitors in that category, WiseGuy does feature ingredients to enhance and improve focus and cognition, but that’s not all. The brand has packed out the formula to also support cortisol, energy, neuroprotection, and overall brain health.

While we have yet to get a look at Naughty Boy’s WiseGuy, the team has shared the ingredients and dosages it has brought together for its first-ever nootropic. The formula includes the more bioavailable Magtein branded magnesium, vitamin V6, zinc, a gram each of Creatine MagnaPower and pomegranate, 100mg of coQ10, and 50mg of quercetin.

There is also a solid 600mg each of the focus enhancer lion’s mane and the multi-benefit KSM-66 ashwagandha; 300mg each of bacopa and phosphatidylserine; and finally a 600mg CholineSynergy blend made up of citicoline and alpha-GPC. If that wasn’t enough, Naughty Boy tops off WiseGuy with the absorption enhancing BioPerine black pepper.

As far as we know, Naughty Boy is still aiming to drop The Drip within the next few weeks, while the intriguing and promising new WiseGuy is expected to arrive closer to the end of June. Much like every other product in the growing brand’s lineup, WiseGuy will be launching in powder form with three flavors to choose from, none of which have been named just yet.