Six of Nutrex’s nine Warrior Series supplements arrive with a hefty 40% off sale

May 1st, 2020
nutrex warrior series

Nutrex’s all-new Warrior Series has arrived today, just as the brand promised earlier in the week. The line is made up of nine different supplements, with six of those nine now available for purchase, and the other three are still coming soon. While the Warrior Series is new and extensive, a lot of the items are rebranded versions of older products.

The supplements that have kept everything pretty much the same from intentions through to various ingredients include the multivitamin Vitadapt and the muscle builder Anabol. You then have EAA+ Hydration, the pre-workout Outlift Amped, and the pump pre-workout Alpha Pump, which feature exactly all of the same ingredients and dosages.

The new products, formulas, and experiences introduced in Nutrex’s Warrior Series include the pre-workout we did a break down on a couple of days ago named ‘Warrior’. There is also the testosterone booster Alpha-T featuring Fenudioscin fenugreek and PrimaVie shilajit, the pump supplement NIOX, which is separate from Alpha Pump, and another Lipo 6 fat burner to support energy, metabolism, appetite, and weight loss.

You can check out all of the Nutrex Warrior Series products in more detail through the brand’s website, where all but Alpha-T, Vitadapt, and Anabol are available for purchase. To celebrate the launch of the line, the brand is running a huge 40% off sale that actually applies to everything at, not just the six in-stock items in the Warrior Series.