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Outright wants to kick-start your morning with its Velositol-enhanced Breakfast Bar

outright breakfast protein bar

When Marc Lobliner’s Outright recently revealed its all-new Creamy Red Velvet flavor for the original Outright Protein Bar, it mentioned it is just one of many flavors coming soon. Today, our Functional Brand Of The Year for 2019 has revealed another one of those upcoming products, and as suspected, unlike Creamy Red Velvet, it is a spin-off of the tasty protein bar.

An Outright Breakfast Protein Bar is what the brand has announced, and it features more than just a different flavor experience. The product still comes with the usual peanut butter base and whey to give it a high 15g of protein per bar. It is also infused with the premium ingredient Velositol to enhance protein synthesis, which more simply, doubles the power of the protein.

As mentioned, the flavor of the new Outright Breakfast Protein Bar is quite different from the rest of the lineup and fitting for that breakfast time slot with Mochaccino White Chocolate. While we don’t have an exact launch timeframe, the product is said to be in stores and on shelves sometime within the next few weeks.