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Taste Flavor Co asks fans for feedback on new flavors of its low-calorie sauce

pick the next taste flavor co

Taste Flavor Co is a functional brand from Joey Swoll that specializes in low-calorie sauces, and after trying them all first hand, we can confirm all three of its flavors are delicious. The still very new company is now looking to add another set of flavors to its lineup, which currently consists of Spicy Garlic Parm, Cilantro Lime Ranch, and Cherrywood Chipotle BBQ.

Instead of teasing or moving ahead and launching its next group of flavors for its low-calorie sauce, Taste Flavor Co is asking fans to help it decide what recipes to go with. The team has put together a survey where it asks for your feedback on 12 different flavors, split up into three groups of four, with users answering how strongly they feel about each of them.

The list of potential new flavors from Taste Flavor Co includes several creative options, similar to its current collection, including the likes of Chili Tangerine Stir-Fry, Smokey Poblano Ranchero, and White Peppercorn and Herb Truffle. To get in and have your say on the expansion of Taste Flavor Co’s lineup of low-calorie sauces, head to this link here.