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Limited Swell Tarts flavor of Spitfire’s pre-workout Demon gets its own unique look

spitfire labs swell tarts demon

On all seven occasions we’ve posted about the still relatively new brand Spitfire Labs, in the past year, it’s always been about an entirely new supplement. The brand kicked everything off with the stimulant pre-workout Demon and has since introduced another pre-workout, two pump formulas, a fat burner, a focus product, and most recently, an amino.

What we haven’t seen from Spitfire Labs or at least posted about is another flavor, although that changes this week as the team has put together an eye-catching new option for its first-ever supplement. The brand’s pre-workout Demon is now in stock in a patriotically branded flavor called Sweet Tarts, which is also only available for a limited time.

Spitfire Labs Sweet Tarts Demon features a very different label design compared to its usual red, with a combination of red, white, and blue, and the Stars and Stripes draped in the background. A1 Supplements is already stocking the new flavor of Demon at $39.99 for a two, 20 full-serving tubs, and as mentioned, it is only around for a limited time.

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