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Steel welcomes a delicious Hot Cocoa flavor for its plant-based protein Veg-Pro

steel supplements hot cocoa veg pro

At the beginning of the year, the hardcore brand Steel Supplements switched to a brighter and more eye-catching flavor-based theme for its plant-based protein powder Veg-Pro. The unique approach gives each of the product’s flavors its own distinctive look and feel; for example, the Peanut Butter Veg-Pro features a classic Jif peanut butter-like design with stripes of red, blue, and green.

This week Steel Supplements is adding another new flavor to the menu of its plant-based protein powder, and just like Veg-Pro’s other six options, it features a unique label that helps set it apart. The brand’s latest Veg-Pro flavor is Hot Cocoa packing 20g of protein per serve with 110 calories, and a mug of hot cocoa on the front with marshmallows floating in it, backed by a cold mountain range.

Fans of Steel Supplements can pick up the Hot Cocoa Veg-Pro starting this week from the brand’s website with a full tub of 25 servings costing you $35.