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Two new flavors coming to The Nutrition Store’s Enjoy The Ride in July

the nutrition store mango margarita enjoy the ride

To start the year, the popular supplement retailer The Nutrition Store, launched its first-ever product under its own brand with the stimulant powered pre-workout Enjoy The Ride. The product comes packed with a formula for a full spectrum of benefits, including ingredients for increased energy and focus, as well as improved pumps and performance.

With Enjoy The Ride now having been on the market for four months, The Nutrition Store is looking to expand its supplement by way of a couple of new flavor options. Since the product arrived, the retailer has had just the one taste to choose from in Margarita. In July, that number of flavors is going to move to three with the release of Isaac’s Mango Margarita and an option that has not been named.

The Nutrition Store has not provided any hints or clues as to what its mystery flavor is, but with so much hype going into it, we have to imagine it’s something unique. To keep fans and followers excited, the supplement retailer is running a promotion where if you can guess what its other flavor of Enjoy The Ride is, you’ll win $100 and a tub of the mystery product.

The Nutrition Store will be dropping hints and clues on the third Enjoy The Ride flavor over the next few weeks on Instagram, which is where you can submit your guess to be in with a chance at that $100. Once again, both the yet to be named and Isaac’s Mango Margarita Enjoy The Rides will be out and available just over one month from now, somewhere in July.