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Three more gummy supplements join Zhou’s health and wellness lineup

zhou nutrition vitamin k2 screen eyes and apple cider vinegar gummies

The health and wellness brand Zhou Nutrition who we saw release its third collagen-based supplement in Collagen Active just a few months ago, is back in the news today with a handful of gummy products. This is not the first time the brand has done something in tasty gummy format; in fact, it has two others in its lineup with vitamin C and elderberry gummies.

Most of Zhou Nutrition’s newest gummy supplements explain themselves in their names with K2 + D3 Gummies and Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies. The former is a strawberry-flavored gummy combining vitamin D3 and vitamin K2, while the latter is an apple-flavored gummy featuring, of course, apple cider vinegar, similar to the hugely popular Goli product.

The third supplement from Zhou Nutrition is Screen Eyes Gummies. It is a vision health product made with premium Lutemax 2020, providing lutein from marigold extract. It is a tropical berry-flavored gummy formulated to protect your eyes from blue light rays from everyday devices such as phones, tablets, and TVs, by supporting retinal and vision health.

You can grab any or all three of Zhou Nutrition’s health and wellness gummies through its website, with each of the supplements sitting at a different price, but the same 60 gummies per bottle. The K2 + D3 Gummies are $15.64, with the Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies at $12.24, and lastly, the more complex Screen Eyes Gummies at $16.99.