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Zhou tackles hydration in gummy format with a touch of electrolytes and dash of caffeine

Zhou Nutrition Hydro Fuel Gummies

The world of hydration has been growing non-stop over the last couple of years, much of that expansion coming in powder supplements entirely dedicated to supporting hydration as well as beverages centered around the same purpose. There have been a few other formats hydration has reached into, the latest being one we don’t recall seeing at all in Hydro-Fuel Gummies from the team at Zhou Nutrition, which is more than familiar with functional products in tasty gummies.

Zhou Nutrition’s Hydro-Fuel Gummies is available in both a regular and plus version, and they’re separated by just the one energizing ingredient. Regardless of the variant you grab, they all have vitamins B6 and B12 and an electrolyte breakdown of 10mg of magnesium, 60mg of sodium, and another 10mg of potassium. It’s not a supremely large amount of electrolytes, especially when all of that comes in a serving of three gummies alongside 10g of carbohydrates, 7g of that being sugar.

As mentioned, there is one difference between Zhou Nutrition’s Hydro-Fuel Gummies and Hydro-Fuel+ Gummies, and that is the latter comes with an extra 75mg of natural caffeine from green coffee bean. The gummies are nowhere near as electrolyte-loaded as the advanced hydration supplements that are out there, but it’s an intriguing and alternative approach to the category. You can get either of the Hydro-Fuels starting this week over at in bags of 20 servings for $24.99 in a Lemon Lime flavor for standard, and Cool Blue Freeze for the caffeinated version.