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GlucoVantage-based Gains Candy coming later this week from Alpha Lion

alpha lion gains candy glucovantage

Later this week, right in line with its anniversary, Alpha Lion is releasing another entry into its Gains Candy Series, which is a collection of simple supplements, although they all feature premium ingredients. Currently, the line consists of Dynamine, S7, TeaCrine, and more recently Mitoburn-based products, with the next Gains Candy being a GDA type formula.

Alpha Lion’s fifth supplement in the growing series is GlucoVantage named after its main ingredient GlucoVantage dihydroberberine, which is a more bioavailable form of berberine to help your body make better use of carbohydrates. The ingredient has been put to use by a couple of other popular brands such as Genius in Genius Blood Sugar and Evogen in Evolog.

We’re not sure about the dosage of GlucoVantage of Alpha Lion’s ingredient name Gains Candy product, but if it’s like others in the series, it’ll be a reliable amount. Once again, the supplement is due to be out and available later this week, and as always, the brand’s online store will be the first place stocking its latest effort.