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Amino-infused energy drink Amino Fresh gets a new look for 2020

amino fresh beverage rebrand

Just over one year ago, we introduced our readers to the beverage brand Fresh2Go from Czechia, and its refreshing, zero sugar, amino infused energy drink, Amino Fresh. The product comes with a reasonable 3g of BCAAs at the usual 2:1:1 ratio, electrolytes to support hydration, glutamine, taurine, and for the energy side of things, 100mg of caffeine.

This month Fresh2Go has some exciting news regarding its primary product, although it’s not a new flavor as we typically see from beverage companies. The well-presented brand has decided to take its presentation even further with an all-new look for Amino Fresh, featuring a similar set of colors, extra details, a different layout, and more flavor graphics.

To go with the updated branding of Amino Fresh, Fresh2Go has made improvements on the inside. The product is said to have an even better taste and formula, although we don’t know what those changes are formula wise. The taste of Amino Fresh is better; however, it is still going to be available in the same two flavors with Tropic Mango and Lemon Lime.

Fresh2Go is looking to roll out its rebranded Amino Fresh sometime soon, but as you can see above, if you’re a regular drinker of the product, you’ll definitely notice when it hits shelves.

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