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Believe launches a much bigger 4.4lb tub size of Flavored Isolate

believe supplements bigger flavored isolate

Believe Supplements is a unique brand that sells a lot of its products unflavored and makes flavoring powder for you to add to those products. It’s an interesting approach and one that lets fans pick and choose their flavors in small amounts rather than commit to an entire tub of one. Believe does have actual premixed flavors available, which this week it has introduced more of as well as another size.

Believe Supplements’ premium whey isolate protein powder Flavored Isolate, now comes in a larger 4.4lb tub, whereas previously it had just the one 2lb bag. The more than double size option has hit the market in three different flavors, two of which were already available for the 2lb in Chocolate Fudge and Vanilla Ice Cream. The third and entirely new option is a little less traditional with Banana Bread.

The Believe Supplements online store has the 4.4lb tub of Flavored Isolate in stock in all three flavors at a price of $104.99 CAD (77.52 USD), with around 66 servings in each. Based on that price, it is more cost-effective than the brand’s original 2lb bag, which costs more than half and has less than half the servings, with the new 4.4lb working about 13% cheaper.