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Betancourt drops four vitamin C supplements in capsules and tablets

betancourt nutrition vitamin c

Like a lot of other supplement companies out there, Betancourt Nutrition has come out with some vitamin C-based products in capsules, high-dosed tablets, as well as chewable tablets. The long-running brand has put together four different vitamin C supplements in total, each of which is either separated by their format or dosage of vitamin C, and are available now.

The highest dosed product of the four vitamin C formulas from Betancourt Nutrition is C-1000, featuring a title relevant 1,000mg of vitamin C in each of its 100 sustained-release tablets. Next is C-500 with half a gram of vitamin C per capsule, then you have the chewable options with 500mg cherry-flavored and 250mg orange-flavored tablets in 90 and 180 count bottles, respectively.