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Core Fury Review: Core comes through with a powerhouse performance

core fury review

While Core Nutritionals has dropped a mountain of new supplements this year, despite only being five months through, one of its most important and exciting ones was the updated version of its pre-workout Core Fury. The reputable brand revamped the packed out product with a new combination of ingredients and dosages, but in typical Core Fury style, it still aimed for a complete, well-rounded experience.

With so much noise around Core Nutritionals, we’ve wanted to give the new Core Fury a run since it hit the market back in February. This past month we’ve finally been able to do that, compare it to some of our favorites, and see how it measures up. We haven’t had the chance to fully review many pre-workouts this year, but Core Fury was worth the time.

core fury review


Core Nutritionals has well and truly put together a powerhouse pre-workout with its all-new Core Fury. It is a smooth and enjoyable combination of energy, a strong mental drive, powerful performance, and some solid pumps. The supplement is also incredibly reliable and consistent, delivering the same impressive experience each time you run it.

You won’t get a huge hit of energy from the 2020 edition of Core Fury, its more of a smooth energy that gradually comes over you ten minutes or so after taking it. The harder-hitting effect of the pre-workout comes in the focus department. When that part of the product starts kicking in, you will certainly notice it, with a sharp clarity that quickly zones you in and helps you focus on the job at hand.

core fury review

Once the energy and focus effects of Core Fury move into top gear, you’ll find yourself powering through your workout at an intense pace. The better part about it all is the energy is quite sustained, and there is a real performance base to the supplement. Despite the increased intensity, you won’t find yourself struggling to keep up or slowing from exhaustion.

The energy and focus in Core Nutritionals’ revamped Core Fury work extremely well in combination with the performance and endurance side, although there is one other area worth mentioning. That area is muscle pumps, and while it is a noticeable effect of the product, providing more dense pumps than full, they don’t stand out quite as well as the other benefits.

That is in no way a knock on the pumps in Core Fury, more of a compliment to just how synergistic the energy, focus, and performance effects play into one another. There wasn’t really a workout where we felt all of the benefits were equally firing at the same level, mostly the pumps, although an easy way to fix that is to stack the supplement with the new Core Pump.

core fury review

We were fortunate enough to run Core Nutritionals’ revamped pre-workouts Core Fury and Core Pump together, and we can say you definitely won’t be disappointed. Core Pump essentially fills in the few minor gaps Fury has with increased pumps, even stronger performance, and marginally better focus, to deliver an addictively powerful experience you’ll continue to go back to.


Core Nutritionals’ Core Fury is one of the most complete pre-workouts we’ve tried in quite some time, with the brand really nailing the balance of energy and focus. As mentioned, the pre-workout doesn’t hit all that hard like some of the more stimulant heavy products we’ve tried, but it powers you through and gives you the mentality to drive through to the end of each workout.

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