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ESN pushes its Flavor Drops lineup even further to a total of 79

cosmopolitan esn flavor drops

Like many sports and nutrition companies in Europe, the German brand ESN has a flavor drop-type product named exactly that, ‘Flavor Drops’. It is a concentrated liquid that you throw on food and in shakes to add the desired flavor. ESN sets its flavor drops apart from the competition by offering a mountain of different flavors with more than 70 to choose from.

This week ESN has expanded its already hugely extensive list of options for Flavor Drops to a truly insane total of 79. The brand has put together eight new tastes, the majority of which are cocktail-inspired creations. There is Red Currant, Sex On The Beach, Long Island Ice Tea, Lime Ginger, Strawberry Daiquiri, Caipirinha, Rhubarb Vanilla, and Cosmopolitan.

All of the new ESN Flavor Drops options are now in stock with the brand’s retail partner Fitmart at its usual price of €6.90 (7.77 USD) for a 50ml bottle.

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