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Eat Me Guilt Free puts a high protein and low carb twist on bread and wraps

eat me guilt free protein bread and tortilla

Eat Me Guilt Free, known for its delicious, protein-packed, and impressively lean brownies, has two new functional products this month where the brand puts its unique spin on some traditional foods. Protein Bread and Protein Tortilla Wraps are the latest creations from the company, and they’re exactly as titled with a loaf of bread and tortilla wraps that are high in protein.

As you’d expect, the nutrition profiles on Eat Me Guilt Free’s new products are quite lean with two slices of the Protein Bread, providing 14g of protein, just 13g of carbohydrates, 7g of fat, and 170 calories. Compared to a regular 25g slice of whole-wheat bread, you do get more fat, but about half the carbohydrates and true to the name, there is a whole lot more protein.

eat me guilt free protein bread

Eat Me Guilt Free’s Protein Tortilla Wraps have 9g of protein per wrap, with just 3g of fat, almost the same amount of carbohydrates as two slices of the bread at 14g, and a total of 130 calories. Both of the brand’s new products are great alternatives to the original foods, and they’re both made with simple ingredients including wheat protein, wheat flour, and sunflower seeds.

You can grab either of Eat Me Guilt Free’s functional products from its website with the Protein Bread at $25.47 for a pack of three loaves, which is $8.49 each. The Protein Tortilla Wraps are slightly cheaper at $20.97 for three bags of eight wraps, which works out to just 87 cents a wrap. There is also a bundle with a loaf of Protein Bread and a bag of Protein Wraps at $14.98.