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On-the-go stick-pack versions of FitAid and ImmunityAid dropping tomorrow

fitaid go and immunityaid go

The popular beverage brand LifeAid has transformed two of its drinks into powder formulas and packaged them into convenient, single-serving stick packs. The company is referring to them as ‘Go’ versions, with FitAid Go and ImmunityAid Go, which are of course, powder stick pack spin-offs of the recovery beverage FitAid, and the immune system support drink ImmunityAid.

We don’t yet know everything that’s in either of LifeAid’s stick packs, but considering they carry those original names, we have to imagine their benefits will also be in line with FitAid and ImmunityAid. For those not familiar with the ingredients in either, FitAid comes with a variety of vitamins, minerals, aminos, joint support, and green tea, providing a light 45mg of caffeine.

As for LifeAid’s ImmuntiyAid, as mentioned, it is an immune health beverage featuring a blend of vitamins and minerals, similar to FitAid, alongside added turmeric and echinacea. Both products are going to be completely unveiled and made available for purchase tomorrow, with what looks to be a blood orange and lime flavor for FitAid Go, and citrus for ImmunityAid Go.

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