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Glaxon sprinkles its first-ever limited flavor with red, white and blue glitter

glaxon all american ice specimen

Glaxon has announced it is celebrating its first-ever 4th Of July with a special edition flavor of its powerful stimulant pre-workout Specimen. The product will come with the usual combination of ingredients for increased energy, focus, and performance. It will also have a couple of additional features to separate it from the other Specimen flavors by more than just its tastes.

Glaxon’s Specimen for the 4th Of July is an All American Ice flavor, which has its own individual label design with the Stars and Stripes in the background. Another unique feature of the All American Ice Specimen and to further its patriotic theme, Glaxon is throwing in red, white, and blue edible glitter. It is also only producing 1,776 tubs, which is the year the Declaration of Independence was signed.

The All American Ice Specimen isn’t just a unique new release for the consistently exciting and intriguing Glaxon, but it is also the brand’s first-ever limited edition product. As always and as you can see, Glaxon is doing its best to do things differently, with the edible glitter-filled flavor due to be available in time, of course, for 4th Of July through retailers and the brand’s website.

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