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Glaxon announces flavor number three for its top-tasting Super Greens

glaxon burstberry ice tea supergreens

One of the best tasting superfood supplements on the market in Glaxon’s Super Greens, has a total of two flavors to choose from at the moment with its original Lemon Iced Tea and more recent Orchard Ice Tea. Of the two, we definitely prefer the Orchard Ice Tea, as it masks and covers all of the greens ingredients like Lemon Iced Tea, but tops it off with a truly sweet, watermelon taste.

In just a couple of weeks on the first day of next month, Glaxon is dropping the third flavor of Super Greens, and seeing as the first two were so good, we have to imagine this one will be another great flavor. The upcoming addition to the superfood supplement is going to continue its original ice tea theme with what sounds even sweeter than Orchard Ice Tea with Burstberry Ice Tea.

We’ve always been big fans of sweet, berry-flavored supplements, so Glaxon’s Burstberry Ice Tea Super Greens could easily become our new favorite. Once again, the product is going to be available on Wednesday the 1st of July through, where Super Greens carries a regular price of $49.99.

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