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Newcomer Hyper Viper takes on the market with zero sugar and 115mg of caffeine

hyper viper energy drink

Hyper Viper is another energy drink that has hit the beverage industry this year, launching in May, and with a fairly typical formula, featuring a combination of energy increasing ingredients. The on-the-go product includes taurine, a blend of B vitamins, glucuronolactone, and caffeine at a moderate 115mg per can, so in the middle of Red Bull and Monster Ultra.

The young beverage brand has packaged its Hyper Viper energy drink in a slim and sleek 12oz can, with just the one flavor available at the moment in Citrus Venom. Like a growing number of other competitors, Hyper Viper is a carbonated and guilt-free beverage with absolutely no sugar, and only one carbohydrate in total, giving it a light calorie count of five.

Hyper Viper is Las Vegas, Nevada, so not too surprisingly, the brand and its flagship product are available in vending machines throughout its hometown. You can, of course, purchase the energy drink online through the brand’s website where twin packs are $2.50 per can; a set of four is strangely more expensive at $3 each; and a case of 12 is $2.08 a drink.