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Another candy-themed flavor coming Monday for InnovaPharm’s Recover EAA

innovapharm candy apple rancher recover eaa

In a couple of days, InnovaPharm is extending the list of flavors available for its heavily dosed, full-spectrum EAA supplement, Recover EAA. The product comes with more EAAs than the majority of competitors we see come through the amino category, packing a hefty total of 14.4g of EAAs in each of its 30 servings. A good amount of that 14.4g is BCAAs, with 10g, and the remaining 4.4g is spread across the other six EAAs.

The new flavor InnovaPharm is dropping this coming Monday for Recover EAA is another tasty looking option with Candy Apple Rancher. It fits with the rest of the creative flavors on the supplement’s menu, which includes the likes of Watermelon Gummy Candy, Snow Cone, and Orange Mango Grapefruit. Come Monday, fans of the brand will be able to grab the new Candy Apple Rancher from at $39.99 a tub.

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