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Inspired’s EAA and hydration formula is getting a thermogenic spin-off

inspired thermo amino

One of the many new supplements Inspired dropped last year, which helped it win our Brand Of The Year Award for 2019, was a revamped version of its amino. The brand made the transition from BCAA to a full-spectrum EAA formula, with a combined 8g of all nine EAAs per serving, plus the previous version’s additional ingredients to support hydration.

Inspired has now announced it is coming out with a spin-off of that full-spectrum EAA that incorporates weight loss ingredients for a more thermogenic experience. As far as we know, the supplement will still feature all nine essential amino acids, including, of course, the three all-important BCAAs, as well as those additional ingredients for hydration.

The thermogenic-infused Inspired Amino is going to be the second time the brand has done a spin-off of a supplement, with the only other item to get that treatment being its reputable pre-workout DVST8.

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