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Max Effort introduces a classic flavor for its BCAA-based Amino Recovery

max effort muscle arnie palmer amino recovery

Fresh off the release of its fan-voted, candy-themed Sour Gummy flavor of its stimulant pre-workout Pre, Max Effort Muscle has added another flavor to its recovery formula, Amino Recovery. The flavor the direct-to-consumer only brand has released is on roughly the same level of creativity as Sour Gummy, not being something you see all that often for any type of supplement.

Max Effort Muscle has revealed and released a classic drink-inspired flavor with an Arnie Palmer. If it’s anything like its name suggests, the brand’s Arnie Palmer Amino Recovery will be a tasty and refreshing combination of iced tea and lemonade. You can grab the new flavor starting today from Max Effort’s website, where for today only, it is free with either of its stacks.